Authentic Thai Fried Rice with Chicken Recipe


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  1. ate a lot of fried rice in thailand and it taste great with papaya salat… but honestly before i traveld to thailand i always thought thai kitchen is less oily and rather light.. parctically every dish in restaurants and vendors is ether deep fried or with lots of oil…

  2. The last bit of sauce they add Im 99% sure wasnt oyster sauce but sesame oil or a sesame oil mix. Sesame oil is always added last and by itself by the informed cook because its well known that its flavorful contribution loses impact via heat hence most add the oil after the food is taken off or just before its taken off the heat. The hot chili oil of most asian cuisines usually is a sesame oil mixture where hot chilis were cooked into oil among other spices, cooled, and last was mixed into sesame oil hence adding such oil is more than spicy but super tasty in flavor(versus per say a sriracha sauce which is spicy and has a flavor but nothing as flavorful as sesame oil).

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