Asian Mushroom & Coconut #howtocook #soup #souprecipes Recipe – Vegan


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  1. Ingrediants


    coconut milk

    sliced red onion

    sliced garlic

    sliced ginger

    sesame seed oil

    2 star anise

    red chili


    cilantro or coriander

    black pepper and salt

    1. sesame seed oil in the pan

    2. ginger

    3. garlic

    4. onion

    5. celery

    6. cook 2-3 min

    7. mushrooms

    8. black pepper and salt

    9. cook on high with stirring for 2-3 min

    10. add coconut milk and lower heat

    11. red chili

    12. cook on medium for 5-6 min

    13. cilantro

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