Asian at Home | Mongolian Beef


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  1. One suggestion, why don't you convert this delicious dish to healthy dish. Otherwise, it is very good. Going to make it this weekend but not deep fried, rather cook it just like your Chinese Beef Broccoli dish.

  2. Hi Seonkyoung! First I would like to thank you for sharing those recipes with us. I have tried some of them and we all enjoyed the food.

  3. Anyang Haseo!!! i just discovered your channel! i never thought of doing Asian food at home but i will give it a try!! Watched almost all of your videos, great food, looks very very good! i am sure it tastes very good as well!!! thumbs up twice!! murat

  4. OMG just tried this recipe last night and instagram was amazing. We are big fans of PF changs. And this recipe blows their Mongolian beef out of the water! Love it. Thank you for posting this

  5. I made this for dinner tonight. My boyfriend and I ate it with rice and we agreed this was one of the best things we ever ate! The meat was zo incredibly tender! Yum yum

  6. I made this last niggt and it was a big hit a huge success the best chinese dish i've ever made, my husband loved it anx said it's like we just ordered from a restaurant even better i highly recommend others to try it and double the recipe coz your gonna want more!

  7. Yum!! A sweet version! the Chinese places usually always add chili paste to it to make is spicy around here but this one I can tell by the ingredients and look that it is amazing! thank you!

  8. I made this tonight and it was a HUGE hit! I also added about 1/2 cup of carrots. Thank you so much for demystifying this dish – its now added to my repertoire. I couldn't make up my mind between this and the beef and broccoli so i improvised and made the broccoli (no beef) as a side dish – Amazing how the baking soda works its magic 🙂 thank you Seonkyoung!

  9. Hi Seonkyoung! I am a German woman married to a Japanese guy and we live in Santa Fe, NM USA….how's THAT for international? 🙂
    I made this for dinner tonight and my husband said he thought he died and went to heaven 🙂
    It is so DELICIOUS!!!!!!
    THANK YOU for the great recipe and making it so easy to follow! <3

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