Asian at Home | Easy Beef and Broccoli


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  1. Thank you very much for the recipe SeonKyoung! I made it yesterday for the first time and my son and I loved it! We loved it so much that we had to brag about it. The bad thing about showing off to my family is that we then had to shared a little bit with my nephew and sister-in-law (but we only shared just a little bit, as it was sooo good and my son and I were greedy and wanted to eat it all). Both of them also loved the taste and said it was even better than the one they get at the chinese restaurants. And guess what?, I just finished making it again today and it was delicious too. I followed your recipe exactly, the only thing I changed is that I doubled the amounts for the sauce, as we like more sauce with the broccoli beef. Your recipe is a keeper and I will definetly make it again soon. I will be trying your Chicken Teriyaki recipe this weekend and will let you know how it turns out. Gomabseubnida!!

  2. Hello Seonkyoung, thanks for a great recipe. I tried it yesterday. I prepared it for two person and guess what I finished it all by myself at one sitting. 😀
    I love your show.
    Keep it up. :D

  3. Yobosayo'  Seonkyoung,I love your new hair cut…I love how easy you make these meal look to cook.  The simplicity is amazing, you always make me really hungry and having that beer really looks good (although I don't drink beer)  After watching you make your dish and then seeing you eat it, drives me crazy! LoL  my mouth goes wild for some of that!  Kumbowa! :D

  4. Since I had ingredients I cooked it up really good but the beef wasn't as tender as my favourite take out, theirs just melt in your mouth. How do I get it there, besides that it was right on the mark.

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