Artichokes Jewish-style ( carciofi alla giudia ) – Italian recipe


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  1. I just wonder whether Italian artichokes do not have the "hairy center" that we always clean out. In baby artichokes they are not yet formed but I think these are fully grown ones and they must be there, right in the heart.

  2. The youngest and freshest artichokes do not develope that nettle bit. I never heard that roman artichokes did not develope the nettle even though I lived in Italy for 3 years. Mabe it,s true. When you buy artichokes early in the season and in bushels, that,s when they are at their most tender, least bitter and without the nettles. I love them stuffed, boiled, alla giudia, creamed for bruschetta, in soups, in spaghetti, love them muchly!!!!!

  3. You obviously know nothing about cooking artichokes. Thats like saying cutting off an orange peel is a waste of food. Or not cooking egg shells is a waste. If you're so concerned about it start a worm farm or compost.

  4. I love artichokes. Fried, alla Romana (wich is my favourite recipe with artichokes)….it's such a good vegetable. The only complain about them is when they're not properly cleaned: tough leaves and the stingy central part sometimes can avoid the attention of a good chef ^^

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