Apple & Cheddar Cheese Souffles – Easy Appetizer or Dessert Cheese Souffle Recipe


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  1. About the rue. My great-grandmother used a spoon and did the same. If I had told her that she was making a rue. After giving me something to think about she'd ask what's a rue? She was just taught how to do it not what it was called. We had lots of gravy made that way.

  2. The traditional French way is to put HOT milk into the roux. See Julia Child. Cold milk increases the risk of congealed butter, which separates those milk solids from the flour particles. If people want to completely eliminate the risk of lumps, hot or very warm milk is the way to go.

  3. Thank you chef John. I have tried so many of your dishes with success every time. Now I cook for the kids and wife on the weekend and during the holidays from Greek lemon chicken, roast turkey, lamb rake and leg, soufflé , drunken mussels, etc… this is the only site I search for dinner ideas. Thank you!

  4. Your videos are fun, informative and easy to follow. Your enthusiasm and wicked dry sense of humour keeps me coming back for more. A+++

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