Apple & Bacon Pork Roast Recipe


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  1. the apple wood chips are dry? we have tons of apple trees, does the bark have to be off? or is it okay to let them fire off? dunno why we never use our apple wood. we have always had relatives bring up mesquite from TX, but they always presoak them. i had to replay to watch were you made even the apples look sexy, but when I saw the smoke, I gasped. I have to try this. my roast is in oven right now 🙁 have to go out and buy another one and try out the apple wood situation.

  2. Just finished a dinner with this recipe: very nice! It was a small blizzard, snow and minus 4 C outside but who cares : we barbecue anyway!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Very nice video Roel. The video flowed really nice from scene to scene and the music was perfect. That pork looked perfect bro!!! Wish I could find bacon like that here in the US. Excellent cook!! Thumbs Up!

  4. Wow. Another awesome looking pork roast! What was the weight of the pork roast around? Trying to figure out if the Mini Egg would be big enough for me. Thanks for the nice video!!

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