Appetizer recipes: How to make Mediterranean pinwheel appetizers


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  1. You can make the dough by yourself, but its little bit tricky. There is a loooooooooot of butter and a lot of layering. Google croissant dough recipe, try to find one with vinegar, cause vinegar will make the dough like a cloud 😀 Bon apetit

  2. It wont hold custard inside. You can dip it on, but blue cheese and croissant doesnt goes well here with it i think, its little bit odd. But hey, i got a trick for you 😉 In the middle of baking, take feather brush and brush all rolls with yolks. (You can also put crude salt or oregano on top here.) Then finish the baking. This trick will make them WONDERFULLY golden 😉

  3. Its different food. It depends on the bread, if you use white bread, just put sources on top and bake it. You can also bake the bread first, cut it in the middle and put ingrediences inside and bake till the cheese melts. With dark bread made of rye flour, it wont be that good. Not bad, but its completely different food. By the way, in croissant dough, there is huge amount of butter, so it tastes better than white bread 😀 But white bread is ok 😉

  4. Hi, we do it in many different ways (not sure if you are from europe too). Its the most easy recipe (if you buy the dough, if not, its hell of a work!!!). You can do it with tomato sauce (as pizza) and its delicious, you can do it with spinach, with onions, there are recipes with cabbage. As you pointed out well tomato sauce and basil goes great together, but if you want to use blue cheese, i would rather put there oregano 🙂 Look at pizza recipes: Quattro formaggi, margherita (no drink :D)

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