Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Filipino Lumpia


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  1. well , im half filipino and filipinos have many ways on how they cook their lumpia .. like they want to add a mongo sprout on it jst like my grandma or put a potato .. !

  2. An easier and faster way to do this is to just mix all the ingredients (pork and the vegetables) while it is still uncooked, wrap them in the wrapper and then deep fry it. It will make for an even juicier filling as well as saving a few minutes of your time (trust me, i'm filipino)

  3. Hi i already had request here and you grant that reques to me the pizza roll one i request that one, and u did..

    I'm filipino, i like your version of making lumpia..,
    When i cooked our lumpia and my mom make lumpia.. We dont actualy stir fry them, whe just mix the small diced carrot, onion, garlic or spring onion.. And wrap them thats it.. . But i love your version.. i like ur version.. really like it

  4. A very good variation: you can omit the cilantro and cabbage instead use chopped red bell peppers and finely chopped celery leaves. A better way to make it more flavorful is to marinate the ground meat with the rest of the ingredients, leave it for at least 3 hours in the fridge, let it sit on room temp for about 30 min, wrap it afterwards. You can even freeze it if you need it later, but don't let it get too much thawed or it will be hard to handle, it tends to get slimy.

  5. Ohhkay I see what you're doing. This is lumpiang gulay (fried vegetable spring roll) with ground meat. Most of the people in the comments section are correcting it because they think the video is for lumpiang shanghai where you mix the meat with egg and other ingredients, then wrap, and fry. ;)

  6. The filling should not be cook after mixing all the ingredients and wrapped thats the time u will cook it, also it has cheese and pickles how it cooked in this video is not the filipino way

  7. Traditionally we don't sauté the meat first, we wrap it raw with the lumpia wrapper, then deep fry it after.. That makes the meat inside whole, not like this, grainy bits of meat..

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