Anko (sweet red bean paste) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. Hi! Looking forward do try it, I just came back home from an amazing trip in Japan and loved dorayaki!! Do I have to soak the beans for a while or just rinsing them is ok? Thank you!

  2. I tried to find these red beans in the market but couldn't 😑 I found something similar called red kidney beans is that okay will it taste similar to this 😧

  3. i do not know the exact measurements would be great to know.anyways i made dorayaki with anko paste and it tastes good really good is it another video that you have put forth the measurements

  4. red kidney beans need to be soaked overnight, boiled for ten minutes to get rid of the toxin in them, drained and cooked again. red kidney beans actually take longer to cook until soft. I will buy these beans at my local asian food store since my husband likes red bean paste and I am trying to substitute candy for better things to help him loose weight. I'll sneak a treat into his bento :3

  5. I made this and it turned out great! I had so much leftover I didn't know what to do with it, but realized there's so much you can do! Add it to ice cream, put it on bread or a cracker, use it on dango
    So yummy! Thank you!

  6. Made this just right now, turn out just fine with Red bean kidney. Its cooling off and its taste almost like the original one!! 😀 Now I just need to make an pan and we are set. 😉

  7. for a substitute for the beans you can use cannellini and/or red kidney beans

    the taste is quite similar, as well as you don't need to cook for an hour and rounds up to around a half hour there are. as well as not needing to have them soaked in water overnight as they're in brine and just need to be washed. How ever there is the skins which may bother you.

  8. Hi there, I'm making these as we speak! Is it normal for the beans to lose their red colour after the first boil? The majority of the colour seems to have disappeared.

  9. When I was at my local market, there Were two different azuki beans, the difference was in the size only. Will something like that affect my paste? Thanks 🙂

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