American French Onion Soup Recipe – How to Make Onion Soup


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  1. Hi Chef John, thank you for another amazing recipe. My favorite is your Shepard's Pie recipe 🙂 I am on a very, very tight budget for kitchen equipment (I make everything by hand) can you recommend ways to find great equipment at the very lowest price? Thank you and bon appetit :)

  2. We make our own french onion soup, not quite like this, but it's delicious too. We always top it with a cheddar cheese on artisan bread and this makes the difference for us! Picked up a couple of tips from this video so it's a thumbs up from us. Thanks for the tips!

  3. "American" French Onion Soup Recipe , why dont just make it into American Onion Soup Recipe , if you cannot follow the original recipe then dont said it is French Onion Soup
    smh américain veulent toujours faire du travail de chose à leur manière

  4. Dear Chef, i have watched several of your videos. Your personality is upbeat and fun! You remind me of my Master Chef in Culinary School 30 (some odd) years ago. I have enjoyed your vlogs and, look forward to another 680+ videos. Keep doin' what you're doin'! 😀

  5. I don't know if cutting the onions Chef John's way changes how they taste, but it sure would make the soup easier to eat without all those long strands hanging off the spoon. Smart!

  6. I am turning down the heat. (vents running under house is wasteful loss of heat). turning oven at lowest temp and roast in covered roasting pan without babysitting. I can always uncover later. Heat house and slow roast onions into sweetness.

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