AMAZINGLY EASY Chinese Recipe: Braised Pork Leg 卤豬脚


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  1. This looks delicious!

    I am, however, wondering what part of the pig this is. Here in Brooklyn, “trotter” refers to the foot, a less meaty cut with all of the tiny bones that a foot entails. What you’re using looks more like what we’d call a “shank”, “hock”, or “knuckle”.

  2. Excelent 😍..
    Since I Wacht Yr Videos N Subcribe Yr Channel My Employers more praised my Cooking Ability,The Food That I Cook Always Eaten not Left 😍..
    TQ madam/sir..
    They Asking Who's teach u Cook??..
    N finally I told Them I Learned from Youtube..😅😅
    N They Laugh At me n Dont Believed😅,,Cz Most Of Us (maid) watching youtube Only For Korean drama 😂😂..N I Said No madam Iam Subcribe A Channel Food..
    Then Madam Said "Ok thats Good 👍👍..

    N Please I Got Special Request For u..
    Please Kindly Apload Recipe Vermicelli // Nodle Soup.
    Bcz Every Saturday-sunday Employer Asking Me To Cook That Food For Lunch..
    And Maybe Others Food For Tea time .,..

  3. I am so grateful for your channel. As a non-Chinese who loves eating Chinese food especially those from Malaysia and Singapore, your channel is a boon for novice cooks like me who want to recreate these dishes at home.
    I have one question? Can any other cut of pork meat be used with this recipe, like pork belly for instance?

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