Amazing French Onion Chicken…Mighty Fine..Easy Recipe


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  1. First time on your channel.
    Enjoyed your enthusiasm. Appreciated all the details, the clarity and warmth of your voice and way of speaking!
    Looks delicious!
    Thanks and all the best!

  2. Give me the mash and onion gravy and I'll be in total bliss. Unfortunately, I can only dream about eating it because 2 months ago I had weight loss surgery, so no more mash for me. 😭😭

  3. Thanks chef fr the recipes🤗😊😉
    I make it as a sandwich👍👍
    My family love💘💖it so much👍👍😗
    Sorry chef I add 1tsp of Cayenne Pepper onto the onion sauce👍it's a bit spicy,we love it spicy,chef😋😋

  4. I could listen to you talk all day! I love your accent ❣ It's always nice to watch a man cooking!
    The recipe looks amazing!! A dang good meal right there! 😁 Dang good!❣

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