Alpana Habib’s Recipe: Ratna Apa’r Bhuna Gorur Mangsho (Beef)


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  1. Thanks for the recipe – whenever we need to cook some special food item, we take your help! In the last Eid (Kurbani Eid) we prepared this – we served it to our guests with luchi – they loved it! We had a little twist though, the twist was instead of using onions directly we used onion soaked with vinegar, it added a good flavor. I saw some remarks about oily, too healthy – I would like to say one thing about it – this is not a everyday meal, its good for a occassional, festival or party meal!

  2. This recipe we have cooked in our family for past 200 years. Part of my family is from West Bengal and they have fabulous recipes. I do not find anything special in it. may be This ratna Apa took this from my grand ma.

  3. kautha shotti. ingredients a roshun bata ba morich er kono ullekh nai. ei bapaare alpona apar jotnoban hauwa uchit. aar jayefaul ba nutmeg er kautha baula hoyechhe akta, deya hoyechhe aurdhek ba half. that's not fair.

  4. did she wash her hand with soap over the curry? why you become so cruel? how can u do that? have u seen what do the hotel or restaurant people do? do they wash their hand at all? do they wash chicken or beef or raw rice to make biryani? no not at all. i live in abroad. here most of the indian/pakistani or bangali restaurant they don't wash anything. people buy it eat it and remain okay. you always like to find a whole in every good and beautiful thing. thanks.

  5. sister everyone has choice in this world. if u don't like her cooking, don't watch it. if u like u can use any other oil.if u use other oil, will she force or ask that "can't you use ghee"? using butter or ghee in your food actually beneficial, it makes your body and system nontoxic. in herbal and Ayurvedic medicine, doctors mixed almost every medicine with pure ghee or clarified butter.

  6. alpona apa, jini apnar rannar shesh a recap a kauntho dan ba narrate kauren. praye e bhool bolen. ei bapaare please jotno nan. apni ei rannaye , shesh er dikey dilen, gota peyax aar narrator bollen kuchi peyaz bapar ta ki thik holo? kaajer shaathe kauthar mill nai khub sgundor ranna. ami ekhuni try korbo, i do have all the ingredients at home. thanks for sharing apa. 🙂

  7. I cooked it. It tasted really good. You are doing an amazing job Alpana. Those who are soooooooo health conscious can go wherever they want and eat whatever they like.Keep it up!

  8. খুব সুন্দর রেসিপি। কি লাগবে তে মরিছ বাটা আর রসূন বাটা নাই।কিন্তু ড়ান্নার সময় দিয়েছে।

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