Aloo Sabzi Recipe (Potato Curry) – Indian Vegetarian Recipe Video in Hindi – Lata's Kitchen


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  1. lataji your hand is obstructing what u are putting in. We cant understand hindi and it will be better to show the ingredients in the next video when u prepare a new dish. dont obstruct your hand while u r putting the ingredients into the frying pan. Thanks.

  2. Lata aunty it came out really good. I put some more green chillies to make it spicy.Also, I did not have amchur. I put in little bit of tamarind paste instead. I don't know if that is a substitute, but anyways, it didn't spoil the taste it seems.This was good. Thank you for teaching us.

  3. Thank you very much Aunty….I really wanted to make the same curry but did not have the Recipe…now I prepared as per your instructions and it turned out yummy….thank you very very much.

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