Aloo posto recipe-Bengali dinner recipes-Alu posto-How to make Aloo posto? Bengali veg recipes


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  1. Hi totona, aami non-Bengali, kintu Bengali culture, old bangla movies, Durga pujo abong Bengali ranna aamake bhishon bhaalo laagay. Aami aapnar channeler notoon subscriber abaar aapnar fan hoyegeychi. USA thakay dhonnobad janachi (sorry, I know my Bengali is terrible, but I love it so much)!

  2. Hi, My Aloo posto was super hot star, forgot to take snap sorry. My all-time favorite is Aloo sheddho.:-)
    We are pure Vegetarian's (no egg too) so pls share with me veg recipes like chir chura?……..Thanks a lot.

  3. very nice recipe just what I needed. I'm South Indian recently blessed with a Bengoli I am Learning Bengoli cuisine & loved your video. I'll give you feedback on my Aloo posto.:-) 🙂

  4. We are West Bengalis from Burdwan dist. where posto is a staple..we dont put tumeric, nigella or vay leaves in posto..wondering in which parts of Bengal do people use this recipe? Not authentic.
    Anyway, your presentation is good.

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