Aloo Gobi Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Food


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  1. Asaphoetida is a sulphurous, onion-smelling spice used in Indian cooking. It has an onion-garlic like flavor. So I guess you can substitute it with onion-garlic powder 🙂 Thanks for your lovely feedback and query. Do try it out and let me know how you like it. Also, SUBSCRIBE to readysteadyeat for more such amazing recipes!!

  2. Hey Naveed Arshad, Thank you so much! Your comment is encouraging indeed. Will keep bringing you the best most mouthwatering recipes in easy quick methods! All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Also, keep writing to me on my videos. I love feedback.

  3. very nice recipe kanak..although i have eaten gobhi aloo since childhood but never knew people add asfoetida in my home nobody adds it..thnks for the info..btw kanak your top looks lovely..not only gobhi aloo attracted me bbut your green top too..hhahahha

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