All Day Breakfast Vegetarian Burritos Recipe – MYVIRGINKITCHEN


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  1. @shy123 other animal products as in?
    I have been vegetarian for two years and family members have been vegetarian since I can remember.
    Vegetarians don't eat PARTS of the animal. They can eat no products as in milk, some cheese that doesn't contain rennet, eggs. They cannot eat rennet or gelatine or any products that are part of an animal. If I am wrong I stand corrected and my life is not a vegetarian one and has been a lie all this time but if you look on packets of cheese or milk you will see "suitable for vegetarians" and it will be on dairy products not soy. If you're not in UK I'm not sure about your food labelling but here in England it is as such.

  2. that little promo at the start was a one-off, as I used them on a TV appearance recently….. believe me i've had many chances to do stuff like that, a couple of folk as where I got them from too on recent vids, but I hear ya.

  3. Hey barry, im completely ok with you advertising, but incorprate it into a more intresting way! Like you and the miss fake box or something with PHEOBE! I would also love to see what ideas you have.. We are here for the recipes but also your unique personality… Except that time you cooked sandwiches with your own body heat… O.o always great to see you got an upload!

  4. yes a fan made intro would be cool, just after some short term fixes at the mo though so not sure if worth it in long run as there may be a few more changes in the near future once some things are agreed

  5. haha yes I have plenty of food fears, but the next one I had lined up is actually out of the Country! I have to get them from Japan….. it may be that I skip that one until it comes into season…. i've got at least 10 more already to do!

  6. I'll bet if you ask in a video one of your fans will make an intro for you. I see lots and lots of YouTubers that have fan made intros. Have you got any more ideas for food fears? I think it is hard to think of them for you since we don't know what you do or do not like.

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