Al Kabsa Dajaj- Traditional Saudi Rice and Chicken Recipe


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  1. well the traditional way of making kabsa is similar to her style but the only difference I see is to put the rice over the chicken until the rice cooked thats the traditional way, but I like this style more

  2. I like your videos but please don't wave when you say hello !!! it really looks odd. It doesn't go with your attire. But I guess it's up to you its just a suggestion. I hope you don't mind.

  3. Hi,can you please tell me,after adding the rice to the gravy,covering it, how much time does it takes for the water to get absorbed..and what will be the flame(high or medium)…Thank You

  4. salam aleikum,
    I love ur recipes so much sister rizwana.. I wanted to ask, for this recipe… can i use the normal white rice as i dont have sella basmati rice. i want to try this recipe very soon . thank yoou in advance

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