Air Fryer Wings – healthy recipes – keto recipe – air fried – airfryer


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  1. Your video makes me REALLY want to finally open up my air fryer that I got this past Christmas. Also your shrimp fried rice 🍚 video literally saved my lunch meal preps. Your amazing, new subscriber here! Keep em coming

  2. Made these wings as my first air fryer meal. Blew my wife's mind. Making them again tonight. Two days in a row. I see an air fryer kick coming on. Lol. Thanks for the video. Looking forward to making more of your recipes.

  3. Amazing recipe, great wings. Adding a little honey is killer with this recipe, but there are varying opinions on honey in a keto diet. This recipe is so good it doesn't have to be reserved for a keto diet, but a teaspoon of honey makes these even better.

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