Adobo Chicken Recipe – How to Make Authentic Adobo Chicken


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  1. It is my first time to cook chicken adobo for my Chinese friends because they liked the delicacy so much. I had too many results after searching 'how-to-cook' on youtube but I decided to follow this recipe. As of writing I am still on the marinating procedure. I have slices of potatoes ready to add up later. Hope they'll like it when I serve it. Thanks for this video.

  2. I can't say it's authentic since adobo is different depending what island you're in. But as long as you cook a braising meat in soy, vinegar, garlic, and bay leaf, then you have adobo. Where i live, we add brown sugar and fry the meat after braising it. 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  3. what an amazing family!! they even give out their famous recipe. and even invite customers to come cook the Adobe with them wow, amazing! I really enjoyed this video! thank you!

  4. Wow! Gotta cook adobo tomorrow. You can cook adobo base on what province you came from, this adobo I guess from Ilo-ilo. I have friends they cooked adobo the same way, in my province we don't use anato. Some people they add potato, so guys relax and learn deferent way of cooking adobo and judge base on your taste, PROBLEM SOLVE 👍

  5. i think this family is from visayas area in philippines. this is the way we cook back at our province in iloilo exactly the same procedure and ingredients. i miss the adobo native chicken on this recipe. the old lady reminds of my lola which always cook adobo native chicken everytime i went on vacation with them and the native chicken is abundant.

  6. That's what makes adobo special. Like in this video she said that its like spaghetti you can cook it a hundred ways and she is right. Ever heard of adobo sa dilaw of batanggas or adobong tagalog? Yep and theres a lot more. Really depends on where you're coming from. And that makes their special adobo traditional to them. So dont limit yourselves from what you think is a traditional, go and try other special adobos. You will be surprised you did! I have yet to try this adobo with annatto, looks good!

  7. original adobo doesn't have anatto powder.

    only onion,garlic,bay leaves,vinegar,soy sauce,salt/pepper and meat (pork,chicken and other if you want..

    that's the original recipe

    I'm filipino..

    by the way the video was good at all.. every people has different taste and likes..

  8. @jkianne28 adobo is prepared in a myriad of ways. if you wanna talk traditional, adobo originally didn't even have soy sauce. ilonggo adobo is prepared with annatto. there's aslo adobo cooked in coconut milk. adobo made with fried potatoes, boiled egg. it's a versatile dish that can be interpreted in a lot of ways and that's what makes it great.

  9. adobo tastes better over time! another way to deal with the leftovers (if any) is to shred the meat then deep fry. reduce the sauce and serve it on the side. it's great for breakfast with some garlic rice and a fried/poached egg 🙂

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