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  1. I am Italian, I give you a tip: before you drain your pasta, keep a glass of cooking water apart. Then, drain your pasta, put it back in the pot, add all the salsa in the pot (not in the plates) and mix well. If it is too dry add some cooking water. I hope you like it 🙂

  2. I don't exactly agree with veganism and clicked this video with anticipation that the meals would be lacking nutrients and variety, but I was very surprised! They look delicious, extremely healthy, and protein packed and I am definitely more open to the idea of omitting meat products from my meals. The vegans I know don't eat very well but it's clear to me now that it doesn't have to be that way.

  3. For the recipe #2 – you don't need to add extra starch to the sauce when you're cooking pasta. Pasta water is starchy so you can take a ladle(or two) of that. Most Italian recipes in fact will use the pasta water.

  4. I am new here and so happy to have discovered your channel…May I kindly ask why you are not using olive oil? I am bi national french/andalucian and I cannot imagine not using olive oil 🙂

  5. I found your channel and subscribed yesterday and I made the lentil dahl and it is the best indian dish I have ever tried.. so so so tasty! My husband needed 3 bowls of it😊 Thank you for the delicious recipe and keep up the good work👍🏻

  6. Why do your narrate everything so much… “and then I cut the potato” “and then I open the potato” yes I can see that very clearly

  7. I am new to veganism, I am a vegetarian at present and attemptin to go vegan. I don't miss meat, but I am finding it difficult to replace milk and cheese. I have purchased some nutritional yeast to try that. I can't wait to make some of your recipes.

  8. I enjoyed the video but if I may offer a small critique… you use the word "some" far too much. It got to the point that it took me out of what you were trying to actually say. Besides that, the food looks delicious and I wish you all the best.

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