A secret to Vegan Fried Chicken – Easy Vegan Recipes


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  1. I’ve been trying to switch to mostly plant based, but gurl, I’ve been dying for fried chicken. Thank you!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  2. In my two year journey I've tried everything to duplicate this taste to no avail. God bless your ministry sista IM DELIVERED! I can finally make a "chicken" sandwich and use hot sauce again.

  3. Good evening thanks for the recipe I love your energy I was making sure it was the right way to cook them I never had fried mushrooms before I was thinking that it's the way they should be cooked but I had to get my second opinion have a blessed evening🙏🏾

  4. ++10/10 would make it again++
    Here are some notes:

    You have to use Oyster Mushrooms. Don't substitute any other mushroom. Use as many oyster mushrooms as you want.

    For the marinade, you can use milk, heavy cream, or any non dairy milk alternative you want. I used soy milk. It was great. She put garlic powder, onion powder, hot sauce, and ranch. I did not have any of that. I used French's Honey Mustard, Lawry's Total Seasoning(which contains garlic and onion powder), lots of pepper, and Siracha. I did not measure anything. I just kept tasting the marinade until I liked it before adding in the mushrooms. You do the same. I marinated it in a tall mixing bowl, with enough marinade to drench most of the mushrooms. I just made sure to mix the mushrooms every now and then to make sure everything is coated. I marinated it for 4 hours because I trust her opinion that it helps lock in moisture. I must say, using ranch instead of honey mustard sounds really delicious. The beauty of cooking is, like she said, you can switch up the flavors to whatever you want.

    As for the flour mixture, I used Lawry's Garlic Salt and lots of pepper. Mix it in with the flour to combine. I kept adding until there was a lot of color. Dont taste raw flour. There is bacteria fyi. How much flour should you use? You just have to eyeball it.

    Don't overdo your seasoning. The oil brings a lot of flavor and you can always dip your mushrooms in ketchup if needed.

    I cooked the first batch on medium heat. That was a mistake. I found the best way to cook it is on high heat. I used enough oil to drench the bottom half of the mushrooms. Since it is on high heat, you want to watch it. Do not leave it alone. We want the color to be golden. When the bottom is golden, flip it. When the other side is golden, flip it again. And after that point, maybe flip 2 more times in the next 2 minutes, or until the mushroom is not longer hard. Make sure you are careful when you flip. If your tongs dig into the mushrooms and slide, your coating might be pushed off. It is not a huge problem. It is just something to be mindful of. Keep flipping for a few minutes. For my first batch, I just waited until it was somewhat golden. It looked good, but the problem was it was hard. Cook in high heat for the color and cook for more than 4 minutes total to make sure the mushroom isnt hard.

    Overall, it tasted amazing. I did not expect it to taste so similar to chicken. Will you be fooling people? Maybe, maybe not. The texture is the same. It is stringy. But I would say the shape is definitely a huge giveaway. Regardless, I am sure meatlovers would like it. It is delicious.

  5. What was the first thing you put in the flour mixture? Tonaise? Tony's? I'm making it right now and leaving it out, but I need to know!

  6. As I’m not a fryer like that is the oil supposed to be a specific temperature? Mine has been marinating for a little over a day. So I want to try them later and get a nice southern dinner lol

  7. i’m not vegan but i made this tonight & i cannot believe how good it is 😭😭😭 i’m still shocked at the fact that it legit tastes like meat & has the same texture. i made a po boy using this & tomorrow i think i’m going to eat the rest as “chicken” & waffles. you snapped with this one

  8. I'd been waiting to find oyster mushroomsin my area. I tired this just now…. OMGizzy! Amazing and I don't like mushrooms. If I knew how to send you a pic I would (per your request). Just know that following your directions made this perfection!…. i only changed the seasonings I used.

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