A Raw Food Breakfast Recipe with Apple and Ginger #377


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  2. How long will something like that keep you feeling full? That does not seem like a lot to me. I'm new to raw so sorry if this seems like an obvious question I should know the answer to.

  3. I had for breakfast a half cup of gluten free oats cooked in a cup of water with a little cinnamon, a few dried cranberries a dash of sea salt. Then added a small chopped apple and handfull of almonds. Oh yeah, a cup of coffee…

  4. Torn up cinnamon flax crackers with dried fruit (whatever I have done in my dehydrator) Raisins, dates, small amount chopped nuts (soaked if I remembered!) and almond milk – gorgeous!!

  5. One more thing…I've been meaning to ask what camera you use to video tape your shows? Is it a camcorder, or a camera that has the video option? By the way, Bibman is my son's youtube name…I'm his mom…Nice to see you guys sharing everyday…

  6. I wanted to ask if you guys implement enough grains into your diet? They say 6-11 servings of grain should be eaten a day, so what do you do for your grain? You know these are what powerhouse the B Vitamins…?

  7. For Breakfast today I had 1/4 c. raw oats with raisins, chopped almonds, frozen pineapple tidbits chopped up, dried unsweetened coconut, sunflower seeds with a pinch of sea salt mixed in and some honey topped with Almond Milk that I made homemade…I love you guys..Keep it up…I have been studying vegan for the last 18 years..I appreciate the balance and the truths you share..It takes guts to tell the truth about Agave…

  8. total yum o!! (: I will try this…& for breakfast I had a "scramble", from anis raw food kitchen book, you put soaked almonds in a food pro, & h20 & make like a scramble consistency, and then, I put cilantro, tomatoes, saltoh, & I forgot, you put sunflower seeds with the almonds when you grind them!! it was goood, and my 11 yr old daughter actually liked it! (.

  9. I always have a shot glass of wheat grass juice for starter then pineapple,banana,orange,ginger,honey smoothie for breakfast
    Sometimes avocado,tofu,spring onions and iceberg lettuce in a wholegrain baguette(maybe 3 times a month for the change)

  10. Gotta say, this sounds very good and fairly reasonable to fix before flying out the door in the morning. Don't know how some raw foodies do it with a 9 to 5 type job! ~Namaste

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