A Hot Dog Recipe That Will Make Camping A Breeze • Tasty


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  1. This is such a great idea. The kids can also help (with the exception of the knife work of course) so they get the sense that they actually prepped and cooked the hot dog!! it looks delicious too~

  2. So about an hour prep time. Then 20 minute cook time. For 4 fucking hotdogs. This is the WORST cooking channel on YouTube. I can cook a t-bone steak in 20 mins over a fire lol

  3. Let me just weigh from my 5 kg bag of flour, mix with other ingredients and roll this pizza dough… Outside, as it's so practical to do so on a camping trip.

  4. Hotdogs are nasty I haven't had hotdog in a 6 to 7 month period. I hate macaroni haven't had it in approximately 4 to 5 months. Hamburgers hate those makes my skin oily haven't had a hamburger in approximately a yr. I switched to salads sushi avocado I eat cheese sticks baked beans chicken I'm alright with noodles that isn't spaghetti or marconi it's the 1s at the chinese restaurant that are thin & clear.

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