A HEARTY Vegetarian Recipe – PLUS, 4th of July Grilled Chicken! – Food Mob


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  1. To clean, you don't need to wash it.
    Set it on the stove with some heat, pour a lot of salt, and use the salt as a scrubbing agent.
    Throw away the salt, and wipe down with oil

  2. For anything that is cast iron that is for cooking, you need to "cure" it.

    Wash it and wipe it down. (removes any protectant)

    Preheat the oven to the hottest setting

    Drizzle some cooking oil on it, and spread it around, until it just has a thin layer of oil

    Put it in the over for like 30 min.

    Take out and let it cool

  3. Watch Diggnation yesterday, you was there in the corner hidden..i was hoping for maybe a bit more camera time for you!

    PS: Liked the big event: "Great place to see bands: Jay-z, eminem…" 😀 😀

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