A Classic Caribbean Corned Beef Recipe.


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  1. Chris boy look at all dem "cooks" complaining… check to see if they have their own cooking channels lol People please I ain't eating no corned beef straight from de tin, it cooked or not… I cooking it over!!!

  2. Yummy , I make corn beef and rice often thanks to my inlaws for showing me the bajan style. and this is another quick alternative. Thanks

  3. For those of you who thinks its undercooked, you clearly never had corn beef in a can before… its already cooked… cooked better than a fucking cheeseburger at your McDonald's

  4. if you mix your granules before pouring you don't get those gravy lumps which you did. also if you want to cook quicker. full heat gas mark 8 or 9 for an hour covered with foil and tale the foil off in the last 10-15 minutes.

  5. Chris, I love looking at your videos….your personality alone stands out!! I saute my veggies first then add the corned beef, but any which way it's done, it's sooooo good!! Kudos to you man for bringing us the real deal from the Caribbean!!!

  6. I'm going to make this later today.
    I've been unemployed for a couple of weeks now and am short of money. I've been avoiding spending money on expensive meat but this looks like a yummy way to eat cheap old bully beef.

  7. i dont do mine like that. i let the season cook first then add the corn beef and tip a lil water and cover it. my onion got be a little cooked your onion look tuff! wouldnt want that lol

  8. Great recipe man, I've had a can of corned beef sitting around for years never knew what to do with it. I like this version the best, the vegetables are still crunchy and it doesn't turn out soupy like all the others I've seen. What is with people saying it's undercooked? It's already fucking cooked! I just added a bit of garlic and Vegeta spice.

  9. why do you need tomatoes and even sweet peppers?

    Taste good but stay away from this stuff as much you can. SODIUM NITRATE…same as in all the junk meat food, hot dogs, baloney, and most lunch meats.
    Even when you guy the Real corned beef roast from the store to cook in the oven, it still has SODIUM NITRATE

  10. +caribbeanpot You should try it with Australian or New Zealand brand corn beef.. they are called "ox n palm" or "palm" and they usually sell them in Asian stores and markets… that's what we pacific islanders eat. trust me.. you'll fall in love with it.

  11. All wrong ! You fry the seasonings in the oil first, then add the bully beef (corned beef)!!! And you should cover it to cook it properly.. That looks so undercooked

  12. OK so I'm from the island of Palau not Palawan,Philippines but Republic of Palau. OK so we love corned beef especially that brand and not to long ago maybe a month ago all the stores in Palau banned all the corned beef. I really didn't read the article of why they threw em away. something about causing cancer or something. anyways I was so disappointed but I thought we were the only one eating them lol oh yah and instead of ketchup we use soy sauce good stuff right there

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