9 Mind-Blowing Food Party Rings


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  1. Hey tasty Can you create a playlist that have a dinner party menu (both casual and elegant) in mind from appetizers or hors d'oeuvres to soup or salad to main course and dessert. I struggle a lot with pairing a dinner party menu. Does a buffalo chicken party ring go with pumpkin soup, lasagna main course. Wine and drink pairing for both kids and adults. Should cookies & ice cream make an appearance as desert if it's a elegant party

  2. My mouth watered so much that I think my brain got powdery😪!
    I wish I was there sampling everyone of them as they were comin' out of the oven🤤!
    That was great seeing them "little hands" in there helping and giving them a high five when they were done! Means a lot to them! Thank you for sharing!

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