8 One-Pot Pastas


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  1. y'all complaining about how much cheese they used or whatever and I'm sitting here trying to figure out who was lucky enough to get to eat all of those pasta dishes afterwards

  2. In this video, we learn how cheese and milk thicken 7/8 of our pasta dishes.

    And we don't even garnish our last one with cheese.

    Also, Mexican food, or just a cheesy take on it? You decide.

    Inb4 argumentative gonads.

  3. @Tasty In the recipe from 2:202:54, do we boil the penne pasta before adding it to the veggies?
    It might seem like a dumb question, but I'm a beginner in cooking & I really wanted to try this recipe. Please do reply! Thanks!

  4. wish i knew how long number 7 took
    still cooking the pasta in the measurements given + 1 minute pasta cooking time,….. I'll wait till its thickened and pasta is tender i guess.
    Assholes couldn't put more then 4 directions when they have 8 dishes, ya fckin cunts as the Aussies say lol.

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