8 Healthy Egg Recipes For Weight Loss


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  1. I found out cutting back on sodium pays off of weight. Most people hold a lot of fluid. Like the tomato sauce you put in where you could have used fresh tomatoes in place of the sauce.

  2. Can you please show the final product of the meals before showing what you need and how to cook it? So we can decide if we want to make it before watching the whole process!

  3. Oh dears do not click on that ”serious fitness program” vedio link.
    It will waste ur more than 2o minutes by telling bullshits and at the end aksing for 37 dollars to pay and get the secrete formula of the tea for weight loss.😑

  4. I would never have imagined that I would love Egg with chickpeas… tried today and will have it in my meal plan. Your channel has become my go-to for healthy food ideas. Thank yoy

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