7 Fall Breakfast Recipes- Buzzfeed Test #146


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  1. I tried the last one but in a different way… I saw it on instagram
    But I made just original pancakes with this Cinnamon sauce.. But I added the sauce after cooking the pancakes.. Because it was melting and burning. and I made some white cinnamon roll sauce and it was great!!! You should give it a try.. You won't regret it

  2. I never really liked maple syrup and wow I think this explains why americans seem to put maple syrup on everything… it's not actually maple syrup that they like so much

  3. That second background music is a minecraft youtuber called Mumbo jumbo’s outro music so that’s all I could think of listening to it
    (Ok I’ll stop rambling now)

  4. And I just seen the part of your video where you said it is like tree bark and man O man I bought $9 syrup for pancakes I was making because I wanted it to be healthier and avoid high fructose corn syrup and it tastes disgusting😂😂😂

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