7 Dinner Ideas with Recipes | What We Ate this Week


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  1. All your meals look good and I often refer to some of your meals and recipes. I wanted to ask do you not do your grocery hauls anymore from Trader Joe's/Aldi's/Sam's or Costco. I really miss them and your favorites from Trader Joe's Not sure if you had favorites from Aldi"s. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Jen! These videos are an answer to an actual prayer I prayed. (So when the enemy bugs you with "why am I even DOING this" thoughts – you just remember The Lord is leading you and your gifts to bless others.). Thank you for sharing! We will be eating 4 of these soon. The menu is on the calendar and the items are on my grocery list. Thought you should know. Lynel from MN!

  3. You should try Hello Fresh! I did Blue Apron for a few months and now do HF…it's so much more convenient because each meal is boxed separately so you don't have to hunt around your refrigerator for all of the ingredients. I think it tastes better too (:

  4. My 28 year old daughter and her hubby get this Blue Apron.  It's very helpful as she is in her third year of OB/GYN residency and sometimes has to work 24hr. shifts, so busy!  Her husband is an attorney and also is working a lot!  They are very fit and love to eat healthy! They love Blue Apron! They recently paid off all their school loans, so they splurge a little on this! I'm interested in trying it! Looks yummy!

  5. The Blue Apron delivery looks awesome, but I was disappointed in the price. They are offering $30 the first week but without the discount 4 meals for a family of 4 is $139. That's $35 for a dinner, which is quite pricey for a home cooked meal. If both parents work full time outside the home I can see where this might be a time saving investment for fresh food but for now I will just follow your own home cooked meals! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have used Blue Apron for 3 months and I have been very happy with them. Everything is very fresh and I am using ingredients I have never tried before.Their customer service is top notch- I had an issue once with a delivery and they refunded my money immediately.( They are easy to contact and very helpful) My son has used them for 2 years and never had a repeat meal.I am finally getting out of my meal rut!

  7. I ordered Blue Apron. I am single so I got the smallest plan. 3 times per week, for 2. this should allow for plenty of leftovers. I am hoping its good. I love to cook too but living alone I don't cook as often as I used to. I would like to try some new recipes. I am skipping some of the weeks too in case it's too much food lol. thank you for the great promo too Jen. Love your channel.

  8. While I love all of your videos, these are some of my favorites. I almost always try at least one of the recipes you share. I'm seriously obsessed with those quesadillas! Thank you so much for sharing such great content! 😊

  9. I am so glad that you do not allow anyone to publicly thumbs up or down your videos. Some people are simply rude. God bless you and thank you for sharing such great details.

  10. How does the price for the meals compare to supermarket prices? I do like the concept and I can see how this would benefit families who are always on the go, but for this slow cooker loving mama I wonder if it would be worth the added cost for me. I'm assuming that with all the prepackaging this will be more expensive than the grocery store, though you do save on time and gas.

  11. Jen I looked at you religiously for 2months for my vacation, I'll miss having your motivation as part of the start of my day…..will only be able to look at nights now, ty for helping me develop better life style habits

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