7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE MEAL PLAN (Easy, go-to recipes)


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  3. I stopped watching 1 minute in when she said, twice, that a 7 day challenge isn't really a 'challenge'. Then why are you doing a youtube video about one? Money of course! Cheap, lazy, vegan, for sure.

  4. ALSO I'm. Pretty sure. Yeast isn't vegan probably…. (Google searches) oh never mind.. Huh.. I did not know that.. Also isn't fish non-vegan? Because your technically murdering fish which is a animal… 🙁

  5. I am a little late, since its 2017, but I am a fan of cooking shows on channels like PBS, and I like learning about recipes in a segment, seeing a picture of the recipes and then learning how to cook it and then moving on to the next day/set of recipes. I actually love this video,. You did a great job and I am hungry for chickpea faux tuna salad, I had it once. It is delicious and I always wanted the recipe for it, as well as the oatmeal blender pancakes. Even if you don't give us the recipe till the end it is ok, I love your simple, delicious, quick recipes. I have finally learned more about the ethics of veganism and I never want to hurt another animal again. I came to veganism last year through a chance meeting with a vegan chef, but only adopted the vegan lifestyle for weight loss. I saw "What the Health," this past week and it changed my life forever. The tears I shed were nothing compared to what factory farm animals have experienced in their short, terrifying, pain-filled lives. I just can't hurt animals, so I can eat. It isn't necessary. Your recipes are wonderful, thank you for what you do.

  6. I just ❤️your channel!! I have binged watch all ur videos!! My kids have called me a cooking machine!! I have been a vegetarian for 2 months and before ur channel I was struggling, no more thanks to u❤️ the only item I can't get where I live is kimchi, but I'm taking a Rd trip this week and I hope to find it… I love all things spicy😋

  7. I love all your meal videos… but what I love most is that you present it how it will actually look when we all attempt to copy what you have done yet it still looks delicious and amazing.So many meal prep videos people put so much effort into showing a perfect pretty meal and every time I do it It looks terrible and I feel like a failure. I never get that when I try your recipes. I love it!!! Keep them coming ^_^

  8. I was Vegan for a good year and a half, and then I got pregnant. I have anemia, and everyone was freaking out saying I needed to eat meat. Wanted to make sure I didn't hurt myself and the baby, I started getting into meat again. NOT PRETTY! I was vomiting, unsatisfied, and grossed out. I gave up, and told my doctor I just couldn't do it. She gave me iron supplements, but, my girlfriend now wants to go vegetarian! She has been vegetarian for 5 days now, and she feels great. I seriously recommend doing the Vegan challenge, JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED!

  9. You girl are AMAZING!
    I'm 22 years old and Im married, my husband is very happy since I clicked on one of your so helpful videos! Everything's tasty I tried a lot of your recipes and my god never unhappy!
    Keep goin!

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