6 Vegan Thanksgiving/Holiday Recipe Ideas


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  1. Y'all are being immature. For one shit happens it is life nd u have to move on from it… Two, y'all don't know wtf went down between them nd they DO NOT have to explain themselves what happen in details… Three, STOP telling him he lost a good women cuz from what i saw on his videos he fucken cooked for her nd this man knows how to cook ND HEALTHY shit… Ik a few men that doesn't know how to cook or even liked to… My bros don't even cook… Four, we don't know them besides what they want us to see. Five, she says she is happy so it is obviously something they handled as adults nd agreed on. So let them both BE… Brett I am not judging u or her… I do love u more lol Good luck in life nd hope u find love again nd be happy 😘
    P.s. to ur fans; u can't focus on peoples relationship focus on ur own nd what u can do to change ur own nd make it better… Everyone is their own person… So stop blaming their break up of why u don't believe in love anymore

  2. When these two were together… years ago I had predicted they would break up. I don't think that either of them are bad people. If you look at them, they have completely different personality types. I think their personalities clash. Brett is more a natural minimalist. Carli is more of a glamorous, center of attention make-up guru who has a life centered around make-up. Those two types of personalities completely clash. I have never seen a naturally, health focused guy be in a long term relationship with a very high-maintenance beauty guru. Both people are great, but they have different interests and lifestyles. I image he felt alone while with her and she stripped him of his masculinity with her being the boss. Just my two cents…

  3. Why are people on here being ugly to Brett Because him and carli broke up? Saying he doesn't deserve her we don't know who broke up with who or thier personal life so why comment on and bash someone when you don't know thier situation. Makes no sense. Either way bret can you please upload a new video on how to loose weight fast a certian workout routine at the gym? Thank you

  4. Ok so you and Carli have been very quiet about your current relationship status. Since you guys used to upload videos and snaps and stuff together allllll the time when U we're together, it's only fair that you guys let your fans and followers know what's going on. It doesn't have to be details but at least let people know if you're together or not sonthe questions and assumptions can end!!!

  5. Brett pick up the phone and call Carli…. you are the man…. no matter what it’s was you can be happy together again…..you know there is no perfect people in this world…. but you are amazing couple…. be smarter than that…. don’t leave this woman to go away….. everything is in your hands…. probably now you think you will find someone better and probably you can but life and relationships are something different…. I am telling you that because I am with my man more 20 year and believe me if we want to find reason to break we will do, but this is not the way…. be smart….. life is short and we don’t have much time to learn how to live with someone forever and if you can do this you will have everything. Love you and believe me I am telling you the truth. Don’t let her go! Always have way back!

  6. constructive criticism here, i would of enjoyed the video much more if you had showed us a demonstration of making them. but, thankyou for the video.

  7. I was hoping for a holiday video from you, cause im vegetarian and my husband's not, so Im looking for some great menues for christmas. Its a bit hard to imagine how a whole menue will look when youre not cooking, I missed that. And i also love to watch you cooking cause youre having that sense of humor 😀 thanks for the video! I will try the mashes potatoes for sure. Sadly in switzerland we dont have a lot of vegan products like cheese, sour cream and stuff.. xox

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