6 quick & easy indian breakfast recipes | instant morning breakfast recipes


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  1. Indian food is my soul food.
    I wish I cooked more but I live with housemates who make it impossible to keep the kitchen clean enough to cook. Or even store my own food.
    But some day I’ll have a nice clean place for myself and then I’ll make all the Indian food I want

  2. Looks good here. But when I cooked kuch nhi bana. Mostly dissapointed with your videos. Nothing turns out to be fruitful. Made this poha uttapam all I could get was just a mash on the pan. No shape nothing.

  3. I tried poha utapam.. flop did not workout.. output was failed… Later I don't to waste batter n my struggle… So I added more rawa to batter slowly manged n made rawa dosa..
    Finally I struggle was success

  4. Poha Uttapam turned out very well. Good during this lockdown… I made it in big Non-Stick Pan & placed Ring in the pan at the time of pouring batter to avoid batter flowing out. Placed veg & sprinkled Chilli Flakes before taking out ring. Cooked more than a minute, as it was a bit soggy & breaking …maybe my batter consistency was not right & should have added a bit sooji. Overall it was tasty 😋

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