6 Creative Recipes Using 1 Can of Sardines ! (Part 1)


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  1. If you had a fridge, you could make sardine's butter… With softened grass fed butter… And fresh chopped parsley… A squizz of lemon juice… A bit of fresh cracked pepper… On a nice piece of garlic toast… You know… Too bad…

  2. I made the pasta with sardines and fennel – I boosted it with some egg yolks similarly to pasta carbonara and it worked really well… Actually some smokiness of bacon would also fit the dish as an alternative version…. like a merge of pasta carbonara and pasta con le sarde…needs testing. It sounds flavourful.

  3. Thank you for the awesome sardine recipes. I have tried 2 so far & both are very tasty. I found out at a doctors visit I am low in some vitamin levels, and I was told sardines is a super food. I ate them out of a can til I found your video, what an elevation of sardines!

  4. hello is a sardine sandwich base sound halthy to you ? when im really am short in terms of time and don't have the patience i just go to the supermarket get 2 can of sardines and a good old baguette the idea is a pinch of butter some salad on it and a sardine ! and surprisly speakin im enjoying that tHing ! it reminds me of my childhood spent in Cameroon !

  5. My mom's sardines with toast is also pretty good & super easy! You can just finely chop an onion, a hot pepper and mix it together with the oil & sardines. Then she add just a tablespoon of white vinegar and you're done! It's really simple yet delicious. Hope you give it a try!

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