$50 Family Steak Dinner at Home Recipe (Feeds 4)


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  1. Lol and No I don't wear my shoes in the house or in anyone's house. After seeing so many people and being around people that take their shoes off it became a habit that I love. I have a really bad OCD problem lol but being clean is my biggest OCD. Plus it's a respect thing. 😋🧡

  2. I agree!! We don’t wear shoes inside the house!! It’s gross, tracks all kinds of dirt, mud if raining and who knows what else, dog poop….and you can track it all over the house. Especially if you have young kids, babies and toddlers, they tend to put everything they find on the floor into their mouth, and will get sick! I don’t understand either why some people wear their outside shoes inside the house. Leaving shoes outside or on a shoe rack by the door will definitely help with having a cleaner house. 😀😀

  3. Yea Quang , me and my family wear shoes in the house. It is nasty, because you are tracking outside dirt in your house. and also if you have carpet it makes it dirty as well. Im gonna stop wearing shoes in the house.

  4. i have indoor shoes. i live in a basment tho so its recommed that you have to wear shoes even if there out door shoes because the basement floor is cold. you know basements are always damp even if you have any kind of flooring. upstairs tho no one can.t wear shoes. when my friends come by they take there shoes off upstairs and carry there shoes then when they get to the basement they have to put them on.

  5. I don't wear shoes In my house but I wear this thing I can't pronounce in English, only Arabs will understand. It's called mesheye and I use it in the house because the floor is too cold to walk on and it hurts when I step, but once I'm wearing a mesheye it makes the cold go away and it reliefs the pain from my ankles.

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