5 Vegan Toast Recipes! Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016


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  1. I made the one with avocado, onion and tomato today! It was so on point! I can't wait until tomorrow because I'm using the other half of my avocado to make it again! Yummy. 🙂

  2. I can't wait to try the advocado spread with tomato & onions and the advocado and mango salsa one . Lol I love advocado. Also can you start listing the recipe/ directions in the link below

  3. my fave toast combo is a layer of cream cheese (I'm from Argentina and here cream cheese is very light, you cannot do frosting with it since is so fatless) then a few dry prunes and a slice of good quality smoke ham or regular prosciutto. Definitely not vegan but delish 🍞😄

  4. Can'take wait to try the avacado versions. My avacado usually turns brown because i typically only eat half, and by the time i get to the other half, i can'take use it all. 🙁 (Not sure if you can eat brown avacado.) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. love my banana and almond butter on toast, need to add chocolate chips to mine next time if I'm craving chocolate 🙂
    Also, I came across how to make easy pizza dough and thought of you for 2 ingredient takeover! Simply mix greek yogurt and self rising flour to make pizza dough 🙂

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