5. VEGAN MEAL PREP | quick & healthy recipes


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  1. Did you use salted or unsalted canned tomatoes in the soup? I usually buy unsalted and wondered if that would make it too salty if I used veggie broth based on your measurements. Thanks in advance!

  2. That minestrone looks SO good. When I get back from vacay next week, I'm meal prepping this for sure. Looks like a perfect dish to transition from summer into more fall like flavors. 😀

  3. Is there a substitute for the flax in the muffins? They don't really sell it in an available way in my country anymore because they deemed it too poisonous for the general public to use so it's difficult to buy them.

  4. I love this series BUT you're supposed to leave the roots on when you cut an onion! You get a much better dice and it's soooo much easier. You should watch a video on how to cut one – I know it seems silly but learning this truly changed my life ahahah

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