5 UNboring CHICKEN DINNERS (Healthy)


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  1. Hey Guys!! If your chicken breast is on the larger side, be sure to add a few more minutes to the cooking process. I did mine based on a smaller sized piece, so 15-17 min. worked for me. If it's any larger than that, I recommend going up to 20-22 minutes! Let me know how the recipes worked out for you!!! xx

  2. I'm making the foil packets chicken tonight; however, I noticed 400 degrees wasn't fully cooked for larger pieces of chicken how long should you cook ?

  3. I'm trying the orange chicken recipe today! (Actually the full bowl 😋). So excited as it looks super good and easy! 🤗

    Edit: This recipe is amazing! Will keep this on our menu for good. Thank you!

  4. I tried the chicken finger recipe so far. My entire family loved these chicken fingers. I loved them, they satisfied the crisp factor for me. Delicious. Thank you for the recipe.

  5. Made the Orange chicken and the Hummus chicken! They tasted great!!! This is pretty amazing to me because I tend to do terribly the first time I try a recipe xD

  6. I like all of them!! 🙈🙈 but I especially like the chicken tenders one for I have a growing toddler.. Lol 👧 do you think u could do a series of kid/toddler friendly snacks and meals as well as desserts .. 💜💜 wish more people would know abt u and would subscribe..

  7. Last night was the first night of ramadan. I made your scallion and ginger chicken because it seemed like it would be delicious and clean and easy on the stomach. It did NOT disappoint. The chicken was so juicy and so mildly but sufficiently spiced with that scallion and ginger oil. And that broth to go along with it was so comforting. I even did a tomato and cucumber salad and a side of kimchi. You have yet to disappoint me. Im a believer. Thanks so much for all your hard work. It doesnt go unappreciated. Much love, ijlaal.

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