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  1. Mac and cheese in Veggie?? Are you kidding me Jamie..? Okay, I know that its technically a vegetarian dish but are you telling me that you're so ignorant that you could not be bothered to find any other dish made with vegetables in the whole wide world? Seriously man….

  2. Why does everyone insist on ruining mac and cheese by baking it? Literally no matter what you do the cheese sauce clumps up and goes grainy… and the crispy top never turns out more than feeling like sand anyway.

  3. Vegetarian, boring 😀 Exclude all your top 7 ingredients: eggs, milk, cheese, pork, chicken, beef and you're left with over 2000 edible plants. Each one can make a great dish. Eating non-vegan is boring!!! Chicken this, chicken that, chicken here, chicken there. Chicken with bacon, chicken with cheese, beef with random vegetables, beef with pasta. Bread with cheese, eggs on becon. All the same food made in different ways. And yes this recipe was ultraboring.

  4. I know it's mentioned in the description, but if you want to be 100% vegetarian you always need to double check your cheese! Cheese is traditionally made with rennet which are enzymes found in the stomach of calves (as in baby cows, not legs)

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