5 Spice Roasted Soy Chicken Recipe | Easy Soy Sauce Brine


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  1. Hey Angel,

    I'm making this tonight and I was wondering, since I don't have time to marinate it in the brine for 3 hours, is it okay to do 2? I also had to substitute with drumsticks because the chicken they had in the store wasn't looking fresh

  2. Was there a reason you cooked your chicken breast side down the whole time? If I start breast side down I normally switch it 3/4 way through for a crispy skin on the breast side.

  3. So, I had the Soy Sauce Roast Chicken for dinner tonight and I have to say, it was delicious! The skin was crackly good, the meat was moist and silky. Just a flavor bomb for the mouth!
    Another home run recipe Angel.

  4. I love your channel and all your videos. You make everything seem so effortless and easy. You're like s breath of fresh air. I'm so glad I've found your channel. Your kitchen is really zen. I would love it if you can do a tour of your kitchen and let us know, where you got everything. I think I saw a cute salt keeper on your counter, but I'm not sure if that's what is. Great chicken recipe and excited for more yummy dishes. Are you from Taiwan?

  5. I've always hesitated to say things like this (men commenting on women online, you get it I'm sure)…

    Beautiful dress-jewellery-makeup. Seriously. It shows really well in a good video production, and (IMO) it makes you all the better a presenter.

    The fact that you're also the cook who creates this stuff? If you were 15 years older I might be… nevermind. 😉

  6. OK, Angel… I'm totally in for this recipe!

    I've always loved char-siu pork and chicken for its massive sweet five-spice flavours… but it's really hard to do it right for chicken without a not-too-hot barbecue (or a good commercial kitchen). 🙂

    This is altogether different, but it's way more doable in my 6'x6' kitchen (yep, that includes counter space and all appliance footprints)… and it looks and (to a cooks eyes, it READS) delicious!

    Would it be wrong to brine the chicken overnight… say, 12-14 hours? If not, is there anything I can do to adjust the recipe to allow more brining time?

    Ohh… and by the way… I've been cooking with Pearl River Bridge soy sauces since 1974. Other than occasional table-use needs for something really extra-light (like for sushi), I've never had a use for anything else. 🙂

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