5 soup recipes for 9 – 12 months baby | immune boosting soups with mild-spices & herbs for baby


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  1. thank you so much. you make these receipe so easy. i would really appreaciate is you do a baby meal plan for an 8mnth + baby.
    how many meals , soups and feed per day. i would really really appreciate the guidance

  2. hi mam…. 1 month back I will ask u my baby not gaining weight and u r send that gaining recipes… in hospital neighbour aunty says that feed u r baby protein food its vengain… she says that its so much help to our baby because that baby is by birth milk allergy so after 1 year they feed vengain and neogain powder… I will try this neogain for my baby… after that I will buy vengain I have one doubt how to feed that vengain…. they wrote that mix with dal, soups, sambar and milk products …. milk products means I will mix with these powder in milk? its not problem to our baby please help me… he is not eat much food that's y i feed these but how to feed.. his like only milk …i have only choice mix with milk I dnt its feed or not plz reply me…

  3. first thanks a lot for these kind of healthy recipe for babies. u r doing a great job.. I feel so guilty tat I haven't gv these types of healthy food to my baby. I gv oly idly and Dhall rice for him till he is 1 as their s no guidness for me. just nw I saw ur channel. I missed it a lot. if I couldn't saw it before I might gv him these recipes.nw my boy is 30 months old. pls pls upload food for 2 and half yr baby.from breakfast to dinner. pls help me. he is just 11.8kg lookin lean too.

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