5 Quick Condensed Milk Desserts Eggless कोंडेंसेड मिल्क | Kunal Kapur Dessert Recipes


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  1. I really like this chef. Right since the MasterChef series. But these foods are causing so many hormonal imbalances in women nowadays. Most doctors advise against it. But I really appreciate his efforts.

    So my point is, I'm only watching it 😂😆

  2. This recipe and dessert looks so yummy. But the only thing is we can't boil the can with the milk in it. Can's chemicals might be harmful to our health. Maybe we can just alternate that into removing the milk first and heat them in a microwave or if not and safer, low heat in a casserole in a cup. But this delectable dessert is superb ❤❤❤😘👌👌👌👍🌹💖

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