5 NEW TYPES of ONIGIRI (Western Style -Japanese Rice Ball Recipes)


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  1. Mix some pepper and sesame seeds into your rice and put bacon in the center and/or maybe an apple cube or apple sauce, and it would still be western but closer to the original onigiri.

  2. The Hot Dog one! I must make that soon. Actually, all of them looks so delicious and simple to do. Yummy! I can't wait to try all of them. cute ideas! Thank you for sharing!😛

  3. At first it was disturbing to watch. I thought, ewww, gross! But as the video progressed, my mind opened, especially after the tasting. Now I'd like to try the Good Morning one cz I looove rice with soy sauce & butter, and bacon is food of the gods, lol. I thought of something else…. Scotch Egg Onigiri. I think that would be really good! 🙂

  4. Im gonna be honest im from U.S. Daytona beach Florida i am not a fan of mayonnaise relish or hotdogs on rice…
    Love the show.
    And i see your not afraid to eat off your friends in America that would make most people uncomfortable or grossed out.. im sorry if i offended you. I could go all day about the USA we are not perfect Nation

  5. OMG im making this the next time im going shopping.😃👌🍣🍤🍣🍱🍙🍜🍚🍲🍠💟i love japan so much😭
    but never went. i will just wait for me my japan😭😭

  6. Modern style ! the presentation is well done and artistic, the mix of those delicious ingredients is brilliant ! Cooking is also about creativity and imagination so you managed to create a delicious new version of an old dish/snack ! You made an international Onigiri. You are both cuisin artists 😉 Arigato very much for your hard work and congratulation on your success <3

  7. Hello from the Pacific Northwest in USA! I love onigiri! They are my most favorite rice snacks ever. I find myself too lazy to go to an Asian store when I want to make Asian type foods at home. I have recently been making bento-ish lunches with friends. They aren't "authentic" but they are still very delicious to me! I am very glad that you had used western style fillings and toppings for your onigiri video. I will definitely try them out.

  8. I rhink you are so cute together, any way, I have made maki with strips of Burger, cuke, shredded lettuce melted cheese with chilli and a dab of mayo. rolle up the normal way, nori on the outside, cut and serve. And I do a lot of education of people in that sushi is NOT only raw fish, and that sushi actually mean 'sour' Rice, due to vinegar.

  9. I'll stick with the tradional Onigiri x3 I have a japanese Restaurant where I can get them for 2€ a piece, roughly 200¥ I think, for pretty big RiceBalls x3

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