5 Miso Soup Recipes Anyone Can Make


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  1. Hi guys!! I never ever commented on any of your videos but just had to let you guys know I love all of your guys' videos!! You both are awesome and also very inspiring!! I started watching your videos because I love all things from Japan!! Food, candy, snacks to anime!! But my first favorite was Hello Kitty growing up!! I grew up eating so many different kinds of Japanese snacks and candies and I always dreamed to go visit Japan one day so I could visit Sanrio Land and go to all the different stores in Japan!! I am from a tiny island called Guam close to Japan and Hawaii but I grew up in the states but we eat very similar foods so we used to go to all different asian markets here where I stay since I was a child and still do to this day. I introduced my own kids to all different kinds of Japanese and other asian snacks that I grew up eating that are still around and they love them too!! You guys are amazing 😉 keep doing what you do!!

  2. this all looks really good i bought dashi powder and miso paste. winter radish is hard to get right now i was thinking of making a lite soup of carrots and potato. does that go together ok?

  3. Thank you so much. I plan to have my first miso soup in about 20 mins & needed some basic information. I love the way you speak and explain everything. Wonderful!!!!

  4. This kind of miso soup my boss most likely ever every time I cook for them they say you cook perfect miso soup and thank you because I saw you her in YouTube teaching how cooking and this one of my favorite recipes ever I am a caregiver her in Taiwan but sad to say I am all around worker that’s why I need to learn cook

  5. I love Japanese carrots, they are best in the world. If you live in Japan you would know.Japanese also grow their vegies really really good, with quality of the produces. And cleanest fish market. Use to lived in Okinawa. Best place in the world..!

  6. Clear presentation, cute dog, cute cook & cute English accent! Stumbled upon this video and just realise I’ve been cooking miso soup the wrong way! Thanks for your cooking tips Satoshi-san My next miso soup will be super good!

  7. I’m super excited that I found your channel! You’ve answered the question of why my miso soup never taste as good as the soup from the restaurant. The problem is that I boil it! Thank you so much for helping me to see the error of my way. I look forward to trying out some of these miso soups.

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