5 Minute Vegan Meals | Crazy Easy Vegan Recipes in Minutes


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  1. I thought that the tofu dish is yummy. but also how the budda bowl can be so good just the guacamole sauce to combine all the fresh ingredients like tomato, and beans, and salad.

  2. I've already done 2 out of the 3 meals and I must say they were delicious! I'm not vegan but I'm looking into reducing my animal products consumption so these were great alternatives. Peace! =)

  3. Being a vegan is the farthest thing on my mind, I am such a carnivore, but by watching your channel I have learnt a lot and may consider going vegan once or twice a week. That's a start, yes? Your recipes are easy and doable and look delicious. You are quite an inspiration!

  4. Your channel is amazing! I just discovered it and I can't wait to make all these recipes. I just started a specific nutritionally based diet and everything you're cooking fits perfectly into the meals I can have. Stay wonderful 😊

  5. Jenne, you moved from NYC to Los Angeles?? Wow!! I am addicted to your videos they're so uplifting and always gives a positive vibe. Don't stop making videos!

  6. Finding your channel is making me enjoy the transition to vegan a lot easier. Are there some staple appliances or kitchen gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier? Thank you for the videos!

  7. Hi, I am from Brazil (love the songs in Portuguese, btw), and I am turning vegan and I just LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your chanel, your vibe, your sweet voice, spirit, well, and your meals, of course! Man, you are sooo amazing!!!! Keep doing this, we need you haha xOxO :*

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