5 Microwave Mug Meals (Mug Pizza, Chocolate Brownie & More!) – Bigger Bolder Baking 106


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  1. This might sound crazy but last weekend I decided to only eat these as my meals (I ha 2-3 of each) they were really good! I'm going to do it with your other mug meal recipes now!

  2. Gemma I love these videos and I barley just started watching them today and I already have mug everything for food!(not really i just like mug meals).Never ever stop making videos like these I love them and keep up the good spirit!

  3. Hi! I tried the brownies, but it looked so weird(almost undercooked) the sponge was basically dry, so I stopped microwaving. I really want to make these recipes, but it is as if the microwave can't do the job!

  4. Hello Gemma, i'm new to your videos but i have to say you have some truly amazing recipes and these mug meals are a lifesaver so easy and ive impressed so many of my relatives and friends with your tips. Subscribed! :)

  5. I tried the pizza in a mug and it turned out pretty good but I am not sure if I put the correct measurements of flour and stuff so can u tell us how much flour or baking soda u put in the recipes for future videos??

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