$5 Meals – Cook With Me! Easy Potato Soup Recipe And More!


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  1. Dont throw your scraps away..use in compost pile or if you have chickens or pigs give them at scraps. The lady with the biscuit isdues…what altitude she lives in also has an effect..higher altitude worse the issue. If bland tasting i add salt but most of the time i dont add salt cause one..high blood pressure issues and two cause other foods have its own salt in it.

  2. My experience with the neurology department at University hospital in Denver was so positive. I live in Alabama and had a massive stroke in Denver on a vacation trip several years ago. I was medi-vac to that hospital and they brought me back to life. I have no residual problems from the stroke. Just saying, the doctors there were great.

  3. I would love to see a video of you and Mike chatting about marriage success. Although I'm slightly alienated by your 3 month engagement (I live in Ireland, 1-2 years for an engagement are the norm), but I think after 25 years you have some wisdom to share and I love the energy between you two. Sad I can never catch a live show. It's after 11pm here when it's on and I have to work the next day. And your sauna terrifies me – stay safe! And I love Mike's biscuit recipe. It reminds me of my honeymoon in the US. Gravy biscuit for breaki every day 😉

  4. Are houses warm in America? if it was 10 degrees farenheit/-12 degrees celsius we would be sat with about 5 different layers on over here in England! 😂 ❤️

  5. People who focus more on fresh and densely nutritious food do take more time with prepping. I like washing my produce, prepping foods I eat daily like carrots, celery, onions etc. Some of my household enjoy your style of American 50s and 60s era recipes, which I also love to prepare for the family. . I enjoy a fresher style of food in my eating. Can't compare the two in my estimation. Everything is subjective. I eat the healthiest of my family and have health issues. My husband eats 'junk' and can run circles around men half his age. He is newly 70! So go figger. I do LOVE BACON! LOL

  6. Find a dnft doctor. They fix bulging disc and are non-force doctors. They’re few and far between. You can look up dnft seminars to find one near you. I know there’s one in Dallas. I’m not sure about Colorado.

  7. My sister and her husband were so fed up putting money into there van, after the last big repair, they bought a new vehicle and gave us there van, it lasted us forever, mechanically it was a gem, lol, they had fixed everything that could break down😁

  8. This looks great! I think this will be on the menu this week – I have some potatoes that I need to use up! Your ideas remind me of the knowledge I got from my mother and grandmother, who lived (poorly) through the depression. I'm glad to get more ideas from your book. I pray and hope that your brother Dave is feeling better soon.

  9. Your sauna story reminds me of one of my mamograms. I;m smooshed in the machine. The machine caught on fire!! Do you think the tec realeased me? NO !!! She left me in the machine and ran out to get help!!!! I have long arms but not long enough to reach the release. I was scared to death but it made for a good story that no one believed anyway.

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