5 LIFE CHANGING Recipes – easy / plant based / healthy / quick / cheap


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  1. Imagine being so out of touch with nature that you think eating a diet of mainly plants which grow thousands of miles away from where you live is natural, healthy, and sustainable for long-term health

  2. I just tried the chickpea cookie dough and banana ice cream. I was dubious at first, especially about the cookie dough but OH MY GOSH. These recipes are amazing. I have been snacking on both all week and its such a great alternative to unhealthy snacks. Loved this video!!!

  3. I want to try them all, but the pizza😂
    Sorry, but being an Italian makes it hard for me to put barbecue on a pita and call it pizza hahaha
    I could try to see it as something else though🤔

  4. Hello! δεν ξέρω τις προτιμήσεις σου αλλά εγώ βάζω και κακάο πριν χτυπήσω την μπανάνα στο μπλέντερ ή oreos! που είναι και αυτά βίγκαν! το κάνει ουσιαστικά παγωτό σοκολάτα…. και αν βάλεις λίγο αλκοόλ μέσα κρατάει καιρό στην κατάψυξη χωρίς να παγώνει από μέσα…μπορεί να τα ξέρεις ήδη αυτά αλλά αν όχι..here you go! : )

  5. Thank you for this! I used to live in Istanbul and didn’t have much selection to vegan options (the ones we did have were insanely overpriced), so this video is perfect for people living outside of western countries that typically have more access to vegan options and substitutes that are affordable. Actually the first video I ever watched of yours when I was living in Turkey was you showing the banana ice cream recipe you had for breakfast, and I remembered I had just put bananas in the freezer a day before so I made the recipe for breakfast. It was sooo good! These are wonderful, especially the plant milk recipe. ❤️

  6. The chickpea cookie dough looks so yummy, it makes me wish I wasn’t allergic to chickpeas! Being a vegan and being allergic to wheat, soy, sesame, and legumes makes finding fun things to eat so difficult. The plant mylk hack is crazy cool though!

  7. I was in Crete, Greece in 2016 for my summer vacation, and I bought the same tahini that you used in this video, and it just reminded me how great Crete was. I soooo want to go back there, I loved it. My dream is to live there for the rest of my life, but unfortunately I don't speak greek. Anyway, great video, great ideas, thanks. 🙂

  8. I made this salad dressing ,but instead of tahini I used a piece of avocado and girl it was so delicious!I wasn't a salad fan till now , literally this is the most exciting part of my meal now .Thank you 💚

  9. I really want to try the cookie dough!!! I made a chickpea chocolate chip pie recipe which is so good, so I’m sure it tastes delicious. That pizza looked drool worthy as well!!

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